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Forming a company in Dubai can be an intimidating task if you are not aware of the right procedures and rules. For the partners and investors of the company, understanding the regulatory requirements and the pre-requisite paperwork is of utmost importance.

Milesahead, are committed to providing you just that. We understand that there are costs involved in the company setups and the expense is not cheap. So we give you the right guidance to ensure you can take the decisions accurately. Whether it is a Mainland company or a Free Zone, our experts at Milesahead can take care of the requisite paperwork and legal formalities, so that you can better focus on your core business.

Our support does not just end at company formation but we support you with other requirements like opening a bank account or helping you with visas and other immigration obligations through our PRO services. The government processes usually are cumbersome, however, Milesahead can help you expedite the process so that you are on your path to growth and progress as quickly as possible.

Dubai offers 3 main types of company formations as defined below. They differ in their rules and other requirements and are unique in their ways of functioning. These include – Mainland Companies, Free Zone Companies and Offshore Companies.

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