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Mainland Business Setup in DubaiDubai is the place that is known for chances and opportunities. Numerous market analysts and business experts have marked this city as the best spot to begin your business due to world- class framework, solid network, capable workforce, cosmopolitan workspace and motivating forces to contribute further.

Mainland is an especially favored business setup option. There are definite benefits of setting up a Mainland business setup in Dubai. The government is working on various incentives to promote a diversified work culture and encourage a larger variety of businesses. This is done through simplification of setup procedures, streamlined documentation process and reasonable fees. However, to operate business in Dubai mainland, it is important to have a local partner. Finding a discreet partner is very important. Even if the business has a professional license for operations, this requirement for local partner cannot be overridden. However, there is a possibility for 100% ownership to remain with the investor. This is on a case by case basis.

To take risk and fail is not a failure. Real failure is to fear taking any risk

-His Highness Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum

“UAE, Vice President
Prime Minister & Ruler of Dubai”

There are some key BENEFITS of setting up a company in the Dubai Mainland –
  • Dubai offers some of the world’s most modern infrastructure facilities to its companies
  • The city has an exemplary modern outlook with premium schools, hotels and medical services for its citizens
  • Dubai offers freedom to choose an office space anywhere across the city
  • It has a streamlined processes and regulatory frame work.
  • Getting a visa for UAE is easier than most countries across the world
  • Cosmopolitan and skilled workforce is one of the most best advantages of Dubai
  • Dubai is a preferred venue for various international expos and exhibitions, giving an opportunity for the companies to expand their businesses beyond geographical boundaries
A Dubai Mainland Company has some specific features that make it lucrative to set up this form of company in UAE. Some of this include –
  • No clause for capital requirement
  • Freedom from Corporate tax
  • No mandatory audit requirements
  • Open corporate bank account easily
  • No legal constraint on currency used


There are many such salient features which make Mainland companies a preferred choice for business setup in Dubai. For more information, call us to setup your consulting session with Milesahead

A company can be formed in Mainland in any of the following 3 categories –
01.  Limited Liability Partnership (LLC)

You require anywhere from 2 to 50 shareholders to setup this type of company. The
liability of the partners is limited to their share in the partnership

02.  Branch Office

A well-established company that is interested in expanding its operations in Dubai can setup a “Branch Office” in Dubai. This office will however be liable to the regulations of Dubai.

03.  Professional Company

A Professional company is the one that is driven by the professional skills of the founder or owner. The owner can retain 100% ownership of such companies, however, the firm does need a local partner

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